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20-MAY-2017 End of software support.

Due to the end of Palm OS Operation System support for software released by Symbioforge is suspended. There is no information or any plans to further releases even on other mobile systems.

16-NOV-2014 maClock v1.9u2 update.

maClock v1.9u2 update just made:
Bugfix: DST indicator sticked while daylight saving time changes.
Bugfix: No alarm sounds on Palm TX.
Added: Version with russian interface see ./russian/maclock.prc.
Bugfix: Third party software dependent bugs workaround.
26-AUG-2013 maClock v1.9u update.

maClock v1.9u update just made:
Added: Ability to override system sound volume individually for an alarm.
Added: Lunar phases for earth poles at the top right of main screen.  Switch by menu. (Slow on old PDAs).
Bugfix: Twice "exit" after use of "set date and time".
Added: Use tiny fonts where available.
Bugfix: Rewritten morse sound generation for Palm OS 5.x.
Notice: It is the last version supports for non JCode (old registration model code).
16-FEB-2013 maClock v1.9q update.

maClock v1.9q update just made:
Bugfix: "auto-off" was active only in preferences form.
Added: Screen brightness instead of backlight on devices with color screen.
Added: QuickSet menu in the alarm settings dialogue. Appears after alarm setings accepted.
Added: Miscelaneous interface improvements.
19-APR-2011 maClock v1.9s bugfix.

maClock v1.9s bugfix just made:
Added: Sound - current Hymn of Russia (sounds the same exUSSR).
Removed: Autosnooze of system attention manager unpredictable - tracking is removed.
Bugfix: Flickering in the status line.
Bugfix: Miscelaneous system workaround.
1-AUG-2009 maClock v1.9r release.

maClock v1.9r released with the following changes:
Added: LCD font. It looks like segmented font on electric devices.
Added: Ability to turn off seconds for time display.
Added: Documentation renewal. It is in .pdf format now.
Bugfix: Fixes registration problem on 'Palm Centro' PDAs
8-MAY-2009 maClock v1.8v release.

maClock v1.8v released with the following changes:
Added: Ability to stop snooze of alarm by alarm disable/enable button.
Added: Ability to to change system home timezone in the time zone settings form.
Added: Added vibro mode for Treo phones, also works when ringer switched is off.
Added: Added RPN algoritm registration.
Bugfix: Miscelaneous bugfixes.
14-MAY-2008 HPFE Tools v1.4.

HPFE Tools v.1.4 released.
Added: fnttopc utility to convert PalmOS font resources to PC screen font files.
Added: PSF font file format support in the export/import tools.
Added: File UniCyr_Outline_8x16.psf as an example of modified Debian linux console font.
Bugfixes: Misc bugfixes and improvements.
10-MAY-2008 maClock v1.8u bugfix.

maClock v1.8u with bugfixes just released.
Bugfix: Fixed sound playing on Treo handhelds.
Added: 5-Way navigation support added.
Added: Added screen keyboard menu where text field on the form applied.
Added: Added menu to set system date and time.
22-JUN-2007 Handy Pilot Font Editor II (version 2.4)

Handy Pilot Font Editor II version 2.4 just released.
Added: random panagram feature in the Font Test dialog window.
Added: dialog window for precise clipboard image scale.
Added: 32 steps of Undo/Redo operations.
Added: Allowance to disable progress windows in the Editor Options.
Bugfix: Few bugs fexed.
10-NOV-2006 Handy Pilot Font Editor II (version 2.3.2)

Handy Pilot Font Editor II version 2.3.2 just released.
Changed: four digit version format.
Added: simple progress bar on some long time operations.
Added: short frequently answered questions (F.A.Q.) file.
Bugfix: incorrect appearance of elements on Palm OS versions prior 5.x.
Bugfix: misc bugixes.
23-OCT-2006 Handy Pilot Font Editor II (version 2.3r)

Handy Pilot Font Editor II version 2.3r just released.
Added: Complette support of color themes in Palm OS 5.x .
Added: Suppport of screen modes 320x420(portrait) and 420x320(landscape).
Added: Support of five way navigator.
Bugfix: Database treatment on Palm OS version 5.x (Garnet) fixed.
Bugfix: Incorrect Descent value appearance.
18-JUL-2006 maClock v1.8s released.

maClock v1.8s just released.
  • Alarm can be disabled from the main maClock screen by the nearest left button.
  • Improved PalmOS 5.x color themes support.
  • BugFix - light option in alarm setting caused system reset.
  • BugFix - invalid projection of earth image on handhelds when 64K color mode.
  • BugFix - inaccurate sound playing on some systems.
  • BugFix - second time zone list did not display from the selected postion.

  • 15-MAY-2006 maClock v1.8r released.

    maClock v1.8r just released.
  • Added script font "Jefferson" which is based on real handwriting of Thomas Jefferson.
  • Display time at power ON. Only in case maClock is not active program.
  • Not important changes in the set alarm dialog window.
  • Added Morse code for cyrillic text in cp1251.
  • End-user license agreement on software use file added.
  • Some bugfixes.

  • 15-NOV-2005 Handy Pilot Font Editor II (version 2.2r)

    Handy Pilot Font Editor II version 2.2r just released.
    Added: HPFE Tools. An Open Source solution almost for any font and font database convert.
    Added: Editing mode change - Invert, Draw, Erase.
    Added: QVGA 240x240. One And a Half screen resolution support.
    Added: Cells side length in drawing area may vary up to minimum value defined in the editor options. Now you will be able to design the font on very small screens.
    Added: Documentation and license agreement on Russian language.
    Changed: Clipboard image scale was changed from '' to '2/3'. It lets convert from Double Density glyphs image placed to clipboard to One And a Half density.
    Changed: Shareware evaluate period expanded to 32 day.
    Changed: License agreement.
    Bugfix: Missing glyph image loads with the missing font glyphs - fixed.
    Bugfix: Incorrect missing characters width - fixed.
    17-JAN-2005 maClock v1.7zt update.

    maClock v1.7zt update.
  • Added Palm QVGA 240x240, 240x320 mode supported since PalmOS 5.3.
  • External power indication.
  • Overnight day change error - fixed.
  • Most of platform depended bugs - fixed.

  • 4-AUG-2004 Handy Pilot Font Editor II (version 2.1t)

    Handy Pilot Font Editor II version 2.1t just released.
  • Bug: "Invalid chunk..." at program exit after switching between large glyphs - fixed.
  • Slight adaptation for system color themes.
  • Added 'Net' and 'Dots' mode for gridlines in the Editor Options.
  • Menu commands to scale placed to clipboard glyph image by x0.5, x0.75, x1.5, x2;

  • 6-JUN-2004 maClock v1.7Z9 bugfix.

    maClock v1.7z9
  • BugFix - fatal error when alarm occur on new PalmOS(tm) v5.x handhelds.
  • BugFix - 'OFF' alarm command does not work.
  • Palm OS 5.x color themes support added.
  • Attention alarm manager added.

  • 23-APR-2004 Handy Pilot Font Editor II (version 2.1s)

    Handy Pilot Font Editor II version 2.1s just released.
  • Added option- clipboard type: bitmap|text. This is allowing to import and export glyph in PilRc text format.
  • Bug: Incorrect glyph preview after operation with marked block - fixed.
  • Bug: System find command cause "Fatal exception" - fixed.
  • Bug: Incorrect actived paste mode when user returns back to program - fixed.

  • 16-APR-2004 Handy Pilot Font Editor II (version 2.1r)

    Handy Pilot Font Editor II version 2.1r just released.
  • Added font zoom option in the test window on Sony Clie with Palm OS 4.x.
  • Menu call taping empty spaces on title bar.
  • Bug: Ren command changes font name in editor- fixed.
  • Bug: Memory chunk leaves locked after opened folder view - fixed.
  • Dimension digits appears incorrectly on new Sony handhelds - fixed.
  • Improper large font loading on Palm OS 5.x. - fixed.

  • 10-MAR-2004 MaClock v1.7z7 bugfix released

    maClock v1.7z7 bugfix.
  • Digit fonts on some of Sony Clie handhelds appears incorrectly - fixed.
  • Prevention to runing from expansion cards.
  • Added system alarm time set checking and program preference protection.

  • 18-FEB-2004 Handy Pilot Font Editor II 2.0r

    Handy Pilot Font Editor II 2.0R just released.
  • 70% of program code remade.
  • Price changed to $34.99. (Free update for previous registered FE license owners).
  • HiRes 320x320 (Clie 320x480), HandEra QVGA 240x320 added.
  • Toolbar position left-rigth side, hide/show option added.
  • Glyph dimension labels added.
  • Multi record font database support.
  • Shareware concept support.

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